Who is diana krall dating

And, according to the Canadian beauty, the album reflects this happier time in her life. "It reflects how I'm feeling now, the joy I have in my marriage and family." Make your home page | Advertising in the magazine | Advertising on the website | Disclaimer Global HELLO! Dear Darling, It is possible to be ready for marriage, when God has decided you are not. Last night I joined The Professor and his family for dinner again.

Which is a problem as tonight the 47-year-old is showcasing some sassy and passionate romantic ballads, mainly from the 1920s and 1930s, in a performance that recalls the time of speakeasies, Ziegfeld follies and flapper dresses.Krall's taste in material has always been immaculate, as evidenced further tonight by her covers (she only really does covers) of Bob Dylan's "A Simple of Twist", which she nimbly twists into a sort of Randy Newman-esque lament, and Tom Wait's lascivious "Temptation".The Canadian is clearly a virtuoso jazz pianist, and the highlight here is four solo tracks played on an 1890 Steinway upright piano.Now take track 5 from Mc Cartney’s “Kisses on the Bottom”.The song is “The Glory of Love“, a classic popular song from 1936 recorded hundreds of times over the years.

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