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After seeing how apples always fall straight to the ground, he spent several years working on the mathematics showing that the force of gravity decreased as the inverse square of the distance.But what evidence is there that Newton was really inspired by a falling apple?

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Chelsea, who established herself as an early villain when she got two one-on-one conversations with him, received the rose, along with some jealous comments from her competition.She got two minutes of time to introduce herself to America, and she spent it sitting in a tree, playing the ukulele, singing to taxidermy seal.Then came the premiere staple: the 29 girls arriving by limo in front of the Bachelor mansion to the awaiting Luyendyk.“Last time I was more of a boy, now I’m more of a man,” he told one contestant.The show also waded carefully into racial discussions, as it has hesitantly touched on Lindsay’s season and “Bachelor in Paradise,” with a group of the season’s few women of color sitting together and discussing dating the white Luyendyk.

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