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In 1908 the cornerstone was laid and the project was dedicated to Christ and King--King Louis IX that is, officially making St. From 1930 to 1988, a series of beautiful Byzantine-inspired mosaics depicting the life of St.

Louis was added, and in 1997, Pope John Paul II designated the site as a Cathedral Basilica, visiting it for himself in 1999.

Consult the schedule and contact the church for a visit. Louis during the early 1900s were very persistent in their desire to build the Cathedral Basilica of St.

Visit: Thorncrown Chapel is open to visitors April thru November from 9 a.m.

Stained-glass windows inside the church depict the 12 Apostles, the Stations of the Cross, images of the saints and angels, and various other biblical scenes (there is also a painting of the Virgin Mary and Jesus that was reportedly smuggled out of communist Poland).

Visit: Mass is given in three languages--English, Polish, and Spanish.

The Great Rose Window above the bronze doors on the Cathedral's Amsterdam Avenue side is the largest stained-glass window in the U. Make time to stroll around the 13-acre grounds too--in addition to the cathedral's impressive Peace Fountain, which depicts the battle between good and evil, white peacocks roam the grounds too and if you're lucky you'll spot one. C., but none quite so noteworthy as Washington National Cathedral (officially called Cathedral Church of Saint Peter and Saint Paul).

Not only has this religious institution been the site of 21 presidential funerals--from William Mc Kinley in 1901 to Gerald Ford in 2007--but national heroes such as Helen Keller and Woodrow Wilson are interred here.

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