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The character in it you describe, expressing itself in various worlds, caught in a frozen moment brought it to life for me as being fluid and alive.I’m just so fascinated by how people in Japan like whimsical, silly things that often mocks life.So brand isn’t just for the sake of tarting-up or updating yourself, although a lot of companies do think in terms of that.They might think they are slightly out of date and need to upgrade their look.When it came to actually creating the symbol I didn’t want it to be about paint technology necessarily but something that encompasses that notion of using the five senses and also of breaking boundaries.Allowing people to break boundaries and for the organisation to do the same as well, reaching out to different kinds of experiences, so be it touch or even smell and taste. Perhaps in the Western world, people want things to look quite clean and professional looking but I was very keen to make something that may even be viewed as slightly jarring and not quite so clean cut.When I saw it for the first time, and having been very closely connect to the original Wacom logo, took me a little while to embrace.

It should impact on the way you communicate, it should impact on the way you think about your products, and it should impact on the way you think about your environments.

Therefore I thought that it’s important for Wacom to think about future technologies in terms of the five senses.

How will people enjoy technology in the future and create things using their five senses?

So that was the starting point and because of the pleasure that I got from using my Wacom pen/tablet.

It almost felt to me as though I could smell the paint while creating the sensation of making something real.

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